About Us

Guitarists want to play—not spend time setting up their amp microphones. The INtegral Mic is the ideal solution for guitar players and bassists. It is a close mic'ing system that fits directly inside the amplifier, so you never need to worry about setting up a stand and adjusting the mic.

What to know more about the INtegral Mic? This is the most innovative in-cabinet mic’ing system for guitar amps and speakers. The owner of our company has been a musician for many years. He discovered this one-of-a-kind product and was impressed by its simplicity, capabilities, and performance. Find out more by reaching out to us today or visiting our products page.

"Plug in and play for the perfect consistency."

I have been touring with Samsystems Integral for a while now, and our FOH engineers love it. I can really hear the difference in my in-ear monitors. There's no hassle, no EQ to worry about. Just plug in and play for the perfect consistency.

~ Josh Elliot, The Dolmen

"It's super quick to mic my amp now and it's consistent!"

I have been using Integral in one of my cabs and I'm really digging it, it's super quick to mic my amp now and it's consistent as the mics always in the same spot.

~ Chris Condon, Billy Ray Cyrus

"Consistently great sound every time."

I’ve been using the Samsystems Integral IM12 in my Blackstar Artist 30 combo for several months. It totally removes the worry of not knowing what your FOH sound will be, without any fuss or confusion. Consistently great sound every time.

~ Chris Buck, Buck and Evans

Contact us if you have questions about our product and its specifications. We proudly ship our products to customers throughout the nation.