Guitar Amp Microphone for Superior Sound Quality

Get the perfect sound you want with a guitar microphone that fits right in your amp or speaker cabinet. INtegral offers a close mic’ing system that delivers superior sound quality. Standard microphones are clumsily placed in front of amplifiers, and they need a lot of adjusting as well. The problem is they are difficult to adjust to the perfect location and hard to get the same great sound, right in the sweet spot time after time, live or studio. That’s why our guitar amp microphone goes directly in the cabinet, so musicians don’t have to worry about correctly positioning an external mic or even accidentally kicking it out of place. Your live and studio tone will be consistent, no matter where you are.

The Advantages of a Close Microphone System for Amps

Our company is a US distributor for 10-inch and 12-inch microphones for guitar amps. These innovative products ensure the guitar sound coming from the amp is the same sound that comes out of the mains and monitors. Placed directly inside the speaker cabinet or combo amp, our mics capture the unique sound effect you’re using for your electric guitar. We offer our products for retail music stores, bands, and production companies.

Reliable & Affordable

Only $149.95, including shipping within the continental US, our guitar amp microphone is a state-of-the-art and affordable way to achieve the results you want on stage, in-ear, and in the audience.

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Check Out the Integral Close Miking IM Setup Guide

Contact us to order our guitar amp mics for your store or your band. We proudly ship our products to customers throughout the nation.